Mark Harrington Photography

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Camera - Fujifilm XPro2

To me, this camera embodies everything I love about photography. It is simple to use and creates wonderful images without having to do too much processing. Stylistically, it has a vintage feel to it, and the analogue controls are a dream to use


16mm (24mm equiv) - My go to lens for just about everything! Fantastic in every way.

23mm (35mm equiv) - The classic focal length. Lightweight and great for all sorts of photography.

56mm (85mm equiv) - Portrait lens. Sharp & bright, this lens produces brilliant results thanks to it's wide aperture and fixed focal length

10-24mm (15-36mm equiv) - From wide to super-wide this lens covers it all. It has image stabilisation too, which makes it great for hand held shots

Tripod - Manfrotto Befree. The PERFECT combination of lightness and stability

Lighting - Godox AD200/V1 - Lightweight and inexpensive, these strobes are portable and powerful, with many accessories available